Primary Producer registration concession changes

The eligibility requirements for primary producer registration concession have recently changed. We are now providing you with a declaration letter instead of the previous declaration issued.

To apply for a concession, you must now complete a Declaration of Eligibility for a Registration Concession form, as well as providing an original signed declaration (not more than 12 months old) by a registered tax agent or accountant, or a tax averaging certificate or tax assessment notice from the ATO (not more than 2 years old).

You need only apply for the concession when you get a new NSW registration, get seasonal registration, transfer registration, or change to your primary producer registration usage.

Further procedural changes will come into effect in late 2022 which will require primary producers to prove that 50% of their income is derived as a primary producer, but we will provide further information as it comes to hand.

To obtain a copy of the declaration form and for further information, please refer to

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