Profit Check

The Service
  • Do you need fresh ideas to examine the profitability of your farm business?
  • What profit levels should you and similar farm businesses achieve?
  • Where should you invest to lift profitability?
  • Can good profits be generated and risks reduced?
  • What are the major problem areas in your business and can they be reduced?

“Profit Check” is a new, simple and cost effective tool to analyse your business performance. The business report contains a position statement of all your assets and liabilities at market value, a detailed profit analysis of each enterprise and the whole farm, and comparisons with industry benchmarks. The service includes a meeting with a farm consultant to review the report and your options for the future.

The Benefits
  • Gross Margins on each farm enterprise,
  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of your business,
  • Your returns are bench marked against regional farm performance,
  • The opportunity to review your results and plans with consultants who are well experienced with farmers across NSW.
The Process
  • You send us your reconciled electronic/ manual cash book for the latest production year.
  • We will forward some additional input sheets for completion and return.
  • We will then send you a copy of the report for review.
  • When you are happy with the results, we arrange to meet with you to review the results and consider some recommendations.

Profit Check is suitable for both dryland and irrigated farms.