RMS Accounting
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                              Randal Porter - CPA, B. Bus.                                               Stephen Malcolm - CPA, B. B (Ag), JP

                                 Director                                                                              Director

RMS Accountants

RMS Accountants is an accounting firm dedicated to servicing the needs of agricultural businesses. Agriculture is our speciality.

The term RMS stands for Rural Management Services - of which we are able to provide some significant depth. Some of the services we offer are proactive tax planning, year end processing, CGT advice, GST & workers compensation issues, analysis of profitability on a whole farm basis and by enterprises, succession planning, budgeting and finance negotiations.

The two partners of RMS Accountants are Randal Porter and Stephen Malcolm. They have had 38 years of experience between them servicing the needs of primary producers.

RMS Accountants grew out of the merger of two accounting firms, the accounting arm of Hassall & Associates and McDonald Porter Business Solutions. The merger took place in 2003 and the firm was renamed RMS Accountants. Currently there are 12 accountants and support staff providing services for clients.

If you are serious about your farming business, consider a change to an accounting firm who understands your issues and have the expertise to help.